Varsity Jacket comparisons

Varsity Jacket comparisons


Varsity jackets, especially for men, have become ever so popular though-out the years, they have their style and style groups. We list a few here, and we are confident you’ll find one that works you. Preppy Mens Letterman Jacket Look - -sherpa-lined-fleece-varsity-baseball-bomber-jacket Preppy varsity jacket men Do you have team spirit? The preppy look is a classic look for styling your varsity jacket. It plays on US colleges and even high schools. Be careful not to go too preppy, you decide but here are the best Letterman designs for the look. Long contrast sleeves, collar and hem Ultra Soft sherpa fur lining; striped ribbed trim, Wind and water resistant; The perfect amount of moisture-wicking warmth, breathable, without the heavyweight, only 8.5 oz. Heavyweight fleece. This fleece helps block out cold and chill and keeps the wind out. You'll need to go for a varsity jacket that plays up the unique jackets style. The leather sleeves, collar, and waistband, contrasting cuffs, the choice one letter. As most of us won’t be able to wear the prestigious D (for Duke) on our jackets, why not just get a jacket with your initials. Stick with the classic cotton body and you should avoid monotone jackets. Instead, try a bright color that is more reminiscent of college color. This combination will stand out against the white leather sleeves. You will complete the look with a pair of classic chinos. Even if you’re feeling preppy, why not try a colored or patterned trouser; check out Vito for a great selection of both. The classic chino style is easiest with a navy varsity jacket because as a subtle color, blue goes well with brighter colors than a red or green jacket. Choose trousers that stop at the ankle.

Preppy Varsity jacket

If you go with brightly colored pants choose a simple shirt in a subtle color; a white t-shirt or even a polo will keep the look crisp and preppy. The Color isn’t a problem, and there’s nothing wrong with matching the color of your shirt with the jacket. Plaid shirts will help you achieve the preppy look. Layer up in winter with a thick wool cardigan. To amp up the preppy look add a tie. Keep your footwear smart by choosing either brogues, loafers or boat shoes depending on your preference. Hudson does some great shoes that will round out the style you are trying to establish.

Sporty Varsity Jacket Look

The sporty look is the varsity jackets best look, it is designed for this; sporty yet casual, vibe to your outfit.  bb-explorer-jacket-black You have 2 choices of varsity jacket to achieve a sporty look; which style you choose is totally up to you. 1st choice is a looser varsity jacket with less of a boxy silhouette - this will give you a more modern, and sports look. The Billionaire Boys Club Team Varsity Jacket hits this out of the park every-time. Your second option and this is a great old school look, is a classic varsity jacket. The varsity jacket with all the key elements. Majestic Athletic’s Collectors Edition Patch 50 Letterman - perfect - hands down. The fabric (must be black) gives your classic jacket a modern and sporty vibe. The thick material and the cut give you a strong outline making it look as if you play sports. Joggers started as sportswear, it has a varsity jacket, but now have a firm place in men’s street-style. Street style is great for night on the town. Joggers will keep the outfit natural and casual - it will have an ease about it - this makes you look like you were born with style. Like, you just threw the stuff together. Light or dark joggers will work. Keep it simple and avoid bold patterns. Champion and Publish, have the best selection to choose. You will want to keep the look, your look sporty, you must stick to basic T-shirts or wear a casual sweatshirt. Wear vests or cotton T-shirts, if you’ve got those guns to show off. Those guns will help you get the athletic look. If you’ve gone for a brightly colored Letterman, keep your top simple and go for a darker color that will balance out against the jacket. You can wear any color top with dark joggers. Keep your top loose fitting, casual. Now finish this style with some plimsolls or trainers. Plimsolls will give you more street-style with a sporting edge, while classic trainers will amp up the sporty look. Color Matching Your Varsity Jacket Now we have looked at the 2 key styles; now it’s time to look at the different types of men's varsity jackets. The best and easiest way to look at them is in color because are so many different color combinations. Color matching your varsity jacket becomes as important as the jacket, and it will become the focal point of your outfit.

How can you beat the Red and White Varsity Jacket Look For Men?allegra-k-men-long-sleeves-button-front-letters-varsity-jacket

This is probably one of the most iconic looks of the varsity jacket. Red and white are so easy to blend into your style. You can wear it with dark denim. Of course, this means your jacket will be the statement piece. The blue varsity jacket is not as common as the red and white but looks great in the summer and fabulous in the spring weather. With this style, you can wear light jeans, but dark blue jeans look excellent too! Then color matching an element of your trainers will anchor the style together. The Black Varsity Jacket The black varsity jacket is a fashion favorite. Usually made in leather for the luxury market. You can also get a nice cotton one and it is still stylish. Just like any black jacket, the wearer can get away with wearing almost anything. However, a black jacket and a dark blue jean combination is always a favorite. The Black and Grey Varsity Jackets Grey and black varsity jackets have been making their rounds on the blogs recently. They are an update to a black leather jacket and are easy to style. Today's modern Street Style Are you looking for more street in your style? Many modern varsity jackets are barely recognizable to their sportswear predecessors. The street style now has an edgier urban look that can be dressed up .

Urban Varsity Jackets

How to Wear a Leather Varsity Jacket?

A cool urban look chooses a simple black varsity jacket. Black is a popular color for the letterman jackets as it gives an edge to them. Fresh brand varsity jacket is a great choice as the combo of leather and suede makes it look luxe. All while the heavy-duty buttons keep it looking masculine. Alternatively, try a longer jacket with Opening Ceremony’s long version of a classic black letterman.

Urban Varsity Jackets

Keep your outfit slick, wear skinny jeans - black of course. If you’re going somewhere smarter, choose to go for looser fitting black chinos. Choosing pants that crop at the ankle, that's what will give your outfit a modern look. The white shirt, (NO cigarettes role up) is a great way to finish off this look. It is simple, but the contrasts against the dark varsity jacket and pants will pop. Just throwing on a simple t-shirt always works with your varsity jacket. Try and find a motorcycle while you are at it. You should finish your outfit with trainers or boots, or if you can’t decide between the two try Pointer’s Connor Boot that is a mix of the two styles.

Casual Varsity Jackets

We all need that jacket that we can easily throw on. A jacket that works with anything when heading out to the bar, the shops or a restaurant. Are you catching on by now that varsity jackets go with everything and are easy to suit your style, making varsity jackets the ideal go-to casual jacket. You could go for a varsity jacket that has a distinctly sporty, preppy, even an urban look. Many simple letterman jackets out there that are super easy to throw on with jeans. Looking for a varsity jacket for all outfits, go for a darkly colored. Letterman varsity jackets that are dark are easier to match with other colors. Dark Burgundy or Navy are excellent choices for a casual varsity jacket.

Best Varsity Jacket For Men on the Market


Fashion Forward Varsity Jackets

If sports aren’t your thing, and you want your clothes to be unique. You want to stand out from others here are some more fashion-forward options. Pick a jacket that suits your style. You have lots of styles to choose. Now if you’re going for one of these because if you are going to wear something wilder, you need to make it your own. If you do want to get noticed, go for a varsity jacket that has an unconventional material and with a bold print. Now if you have deep enough pockets to afford one, use Valentino’s Souvenir Jackets. One great option is Air Force Leather Flight Bomber Jacket. [caption id="attachment_39" align="alignnone" width="300"]air-force-leather-flight-bomber-jacket/ 

History of the Varsity Jacket

We want to start with a quick history lesson. The name would suggest, the varsity jacket came out of the American college system. Specifically the prestigious Ivy League, Harvard University and Yale. Sports has always had a unique place in American colleges. Harvard in 1865 decided they needed a way to have their star baseball players stand out from the rest of the student body. Harvard did this by giving their top jocks a fabric letter ‘H’. The students were to sew onto the center of their uniforms; the beginning the name Letterman.

Harvard Lettermen Varsity Jacket

Initially, the honor of sporting the ‘H’ was strictly monitored. Also, letters would be taken away if you didn’t maintain a standard GPA and a high standard of play. Only the best baseball players were allowed to keep the letter. They were allowed to wear it off-season and around campus. Ten years later, the ‘H’ was given to Harvard’s best football players, slowly but surely, as it caught on other sports teams, and colleges caught on to this honor. They started created their letterman styles. Every college played around with where to position the letter until most decided on the left breast as the best spot. The first varsity jacket wasn’t a jacket at all, but a jersey: a jumper or cardigan to us Brits. It wasn’t until the 1930’s that the letterman jacket became a jacket. Traditionally, the style has a wool body with contrasting leather sleeves, ribbed cuffs, collar, and waistband and would feature your school’s colors; think Andrew Clark in The Breakfast Club. Letterman jacket jocks Over the twentieth century, fashion designers broke school rules and turned the classic varsity jacket into a more fashionable, and less elitist, staple of modern menswear that could be worn by jock and nerd alike. Your Quick Guide to Styling a Varsity Jacket Get the fit right, a lot of people go wrong with varsity jackets and end up looking swamped If you’re buying a vintage varsity jacket find out what the origins are and make sure you stand for it Sporty – You need to make the outfit look easy like you’ve thrown it together. Preppy – Keep it neat and sharp. Street Style – Keep it simple; simple designs, simple colors. Fashion Forward – Let the jacket speak for itself and don’t go overboard with loud trousers, tops or accessories. Varsity jackets may be over 150 years old, but they’ve never been so stylish or fashionable. Most designers have kept the iconic elements of the varsity jackets classic. While others have abandoned its historical roots and updated it for the 21-century guy. If you want a more of a sporty or urban look, choose a varsity jacket that has a simpler design and dark colors. You may not be a sports star in your Letterman, but at least you’ll be the most stylish guy out.